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Run by queer snowboarders—Jake Kuzyk, Kennedi Deck, Mikaela Kautzky, and Tanner Pendleton—Seen Snowboarding is a platform that hosts meetups, circulates gear, redistributes resources, and creates videos that center queer and trans snowboarding, with the goal of increasing visibility and access for LGBTQIA+ and 2S communities.

Seen Snowboarding was born as a cute tiny little baby in the summer of 2020 when Tanner commenced an annual snowboarding pride week. The inaugural pride week was comprised of coming out stories, memoirs, and interviews by a community of prominent riders and artists including Kennedi Deck, Jake Kuzyk, Tanner Pendleton, Jill Perkins, and Chad Unger. For some of these folks, this was their first time coming out publicly to the snowboarding industry, and it set a clear, proud, and unapologetic message that LGTBQIA+ snowboarders are here, have always been here, and are going to continue making more room for those with diverse identities.

Seen Snowboarding is committed to fostering spaces and platforms to share queer experiences and deconstruct the disproportionally white/straight/cis industry and culture of snowboarding. We are inspired by all the shifts that are happening and all the more that will be exploding in the years to come <3

Seen Snowboarding

From The Bottom Of One's Heart
July 9 - July 24, 2022
4:00 - 9:00pm
Bleach Studios, 1640 SE 10th
Portland, Oregon

From the Bottom of One's Heart is an exhibiton of artworks by Mikaela Kautzky and Kennedi Deck. The pieces in the show offer insights and clues into the process of the making of 'From the Bottom of One's Heart,' Seen Snowboarding's first full length all queer/trans snowboard video. The materials employed in the show include mosaics, ceramic decals, found wood and bricks, digital prints, stickers, bubble gum, paint, bedsheets, and several image transfering and layering processes.

Queer Childhood
Submissions still open. Take a look!

Seen Haute Couture Tamagotchi Collection
Half of the proceeds will go towards bee & nene top surgery fund the other half goes to the artists! Available now on the seen snowboarding website 💘

Seen is a movement focused on increasing visibility and access in snowboarding for LGBTQIA+ and 2S communities; however, it is paramount that we emphasize the importance of intersectionality 1 in this movement.

Pride, gender, gay rights and liberation movements have always been, and continue to be led by Black, Indigenous, and Trans women, femmes, gender non-conforming folks and people of colour. Homophobia, transphobia, as well as the gender and sex binary are racist colonial constructs and before colonialism and to this day, many cultures around the world celebrate gender diversity and queer identities/roles in their cultures. 2 Therefore it is essential for queer movements to be fighting for anti-racism and pushing for real, tangible, transfers of power, platforms, resources, access, and funds to those who have historically been and are currently still the most targeted by systems of oppression. 3

1 “Kimberle W. Crenshaw.” Columbia Law School,

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3 Wording inspired by Taylor Lee Koble of Takeover Skateboarding.

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